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672 T-Ride by T-Ride


Hollywood Records
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Eric Valentine
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The 1992 self-titled album by T-Ride is a wild alternative rock ride with virtuoso guitar licks, layered vocals, and electro pop rhythms

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Ever wonder what it would sound like if Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, famous for producing the likes of Janet Jackson and Boyz II Men, got behind the board of a three-piece rock band? And what if that band drew influence from bands like Queen, Van Halen, and Faith No More? You might end up with the 1992 self-titled (and lone) album from T-Ride, a record that sounds simultaneously of the time and completely out of place during the grunge explosion. Though tagged as "heavy metal," even a cursory listen informs the listener that there is much more going on, from the deranged power-pop of "Luxury Cruiser" to the industrial dance of "Hit Squad." At just thirty-four minutes long, the band finds a sweet spot of not overstaying their welcome but loading up each song with sonic gold nuggets that demand multiple listens.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Luxury Cruiser
  • 15:28 - Hit Squad
  • 25:09 - I¬†Hunger
  • 31:40 - Fire It Up
  • Outro - Zombies From Hell

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