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518 Waiting For The Punchline by Extreme

Waiting For The Punchline

A&M Records
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Nuno Bettencourt
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Extreme's 1995 Waiting For The Punchline album is full of pointed lyrics and gritty guitar licks that mostly went undeservedly unheard

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As we've discussed previously with episodes on Mötley Crüe and Skid Row, the 1990s were a weird evolutionary period for 80s hard rock and metal bands tagged with monikers "glam" or "hair" to describe their look even if it didn't describe their sound. So much so, there's always a caveat to their 90s rock releases as to whether the band tried to update their sound to fit in with the new alternative and grunge landscape, or if they kept chugging along with only minor tweaks. In the case of Boston funk-metal band Extreme, their fourth (and until 2008, final) album Waiting For The Punchline ditched the big rock production for a more immediate style that gives the rhythm section more punch but still allows virtuoso guitarist Nuno Bettencourt room to dazzle.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Hip Today
  • 18:52 - Waiting For The Punchline
  • 26:42 - There Is No God
  • 30:30 - No Respect
  • Outro - Evilangelist

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Waiting For The Punchline