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Suicidal Tendencies

576 The Art Of Rebellion by Suicidal Tendencies

The Art Of Rebellion

Epic Records
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Peter Collins
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The Art of Rebellion from 1992 by Suicidal Tendencies is a rare occasion where creative ambitions and commercial success properly align

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California thrashers Suicidal Tendencies had already been called "sell outs" when they released the video for the iconic single "Institutionalized." Mike Muir, never one to buck to expectations, took ST in the directions he wanted through the 80s and early 90s, and their 1992 album The Art of Rebellion might be the creative apex for the band. Yes, they thrash. Yes, the rock. But the band was already evolving, and TAOR shows a level of arrangement and playing craftsmanship that doesn't come easy. From the charted MTV single "Nobody Hears" to the shape-shifting opener "Can't Stop," Muir is the most surprising discovery in our revisit, taking his voice and lyrics into a variety of sounds and ideas that still resonate. Of course, having an already established line-up of killer musicians backed by the lone appearance of drumming monster Josh Freese helps to further flesh out all the ideas and sounds into a truly unique record for the time period.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Accept My Sacrifice
  • 19:06 - Can't Stop
  • 23:56 - It's Going Down
  • 27:09 - Gotta Kill Captain Stupid
  • 31:34 - Nobody Hears
  • Outro - Tap Into The Power

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The Art Of Rebellion