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690 Dog Eat Dog by Warrant

Dog Eat Dog

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Michael Wagener
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On their third album Dog Eat Dog, Warrant expanded on their established hard rock sound with creative lyrical and musical departures

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The explosion of Nevermind in 1991 pushed Sunset Strip bands that dominated the 1980s off of radio and MTV in favor of Seattle's Big 4 - Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. Promotion and marketing budgets dried up, tours saw decreasing attendance, and it left many hair and glam rock bands wondering what to do next. For Warrant, who made a name on power ballads and Cherry Pie, the shifting winds allowed them to explore the songwriting talent of frontman Jani Lane. On 1992's Dog Eat Dog, innuendo is swapped for political and social commentary on "April 2031" while "All the Bridges Are Burning" tackles drug addiction, neither standard fare for LA bands. While there are a few straightforward nods to the first two albums, the band make it clear they were capable of entering Queensryche or other previously unexplored territory with ease, whether their fanbase and radio were ready or not.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Machine Gun
  • 13:06 - April 2031
  • 32:01 - Sad Theresa
  • 41:13 - The Hole In My Wall
  • 57:12 - Inside Out
  • Outro - Bonfire

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Dog Eat Dog