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Coverdale * Page

570 Coverdale * Page by Coverdale * Page

Coverdale * Page

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Mike Fraser
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The 1993 collaboration between Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Whitesnake's David Coverdale is a listenable but not quite classic rock album

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Throughout his career, David Coverdale has been dogged with comparisons to Robert Plant's Led Zeppelin years thanks to a similar style and range, even if the performances rendered different musical outcomes. By the time the early 90s rolled around, Coverdale put Whitesnake on hiatus and Page was working on Led Zeppelin compact disc remasters when the two met up and began a casual songwriting relationship that eventually led to their (so far) lone record together - the eponymous 1993 release Coverdale * Page. Fans of both bands, of which there was probably plenty of crossover, had much to rejoice about. Page riffing sounds invigorated and Coverdale is his equal, coming up with memorable hooks on several tracks. But while these artists made their names during the vinyl era, the bloat of the compact disc is length is in full display, as tracks better suited for three or four minutes get stretched to six and seven.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Shake My Tree
  • 25:03 - Pride And Joy
  • 29:28 - Over Now
  • 33:38 - Feeling Hot
  • Outro - Waiting On You

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Coverdale * Page