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The White Stripes

578 The White Stripes by The White Stripes

The White Stripes

Sympathy for the Record Industry
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Jim Diamond, Jack White
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The 1999 self-titled debut by The White Stripes ended the 90s with a minimalist blues recording that would reorient rock music for a decade

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Little did anyone know that a two-piece garage rock band from Detroit would kick off a sonic revolution in 1999. The White Stripes debut of minimalist blues paired down to just vocals, guitar, and drums wasn't completely without precedent in the underground music scene with bands like the Flat Duo Jets and Bassholes preceding them. And while it would be a few years and a few albums before the mainstream caught on, the core elements of The White Stripes sound were there from the start.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Jimmy the Exploder
  • 20:07 - The Big Three Killed My Baby
  • 26:53 - Sugar Never Tasted So Good
  • 35:26 - Astro
  • 40:56 - Slicker Drips
  • Outro - Cannon

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The White Stripes