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392 Origins: Spoon In The 90s

90s Origins - Roundtable

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One of the most successful bands of the 00's got their start leaning on the Pixies and Guided By Voices, we revisit the 90s origins of Spoon

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In the first of a new roundtable series, we're taking a look back at the 90s origins of Spoon, and how they went from devotees of Frank Black and Robert Pollard, to one of the most consistently interesting and successful bands of the 2000s. Britt Daniel and Jim Eno, the core singer/songwriter/guitarist and drummer/producer of Spoon, have been at it for almost thirty years. In the 2000s, starting with Girls Can Tell, and up to their most recent release Hot Thoughts, the band has managed to expertly toe the line between slick songwriting worthy of radio, television and film placement, while keeping a shape-shifting edge that expertly slips back and forth between minimalist and embellished production, tied together with Daniel's emphatic but easy on the ears delivery that manages to inhabit Ray Davies, Tom Petty and Prince all at the same time. But before they began their run of successful 2000s releases, the band was almost another tragic tale of the 1990s major label signing frenzy, bouncing between taste-maker Matador for their debut Telephono and EP Soft Effects, to then jump to the majors on A Series Of Sneaks at Elektra that saw them dropped four months after their sophomore release. Like so many before that have carved out long careers, the early years of Spoon reveal a band struggling to channel their influences into something wholly unique while Daniel's begins the process of finding his own voice.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Utilitarian (A Series Of Sneaks)
  • 14:42 - Theme To Wendell Stivers (Telephono)
  • 18:54 - Nefarious (Telephono)
  • 22:43 - Mountain Of Sound (Soft Effects EP)
  • 33:49 - The Minor Tough (A Series Of Sneaks)
  • 47:39 - Metal Detektor (A Series Of Sneaks)
  • Outro - The Agony Of Laffitte (Laffitte 7" single)

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90s Origins - Roundtable