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Creeper Lagoon

561 I Become Small and Go by Creeper Lagoon

I Become Small and Go

Nickelbag Records
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John King, John Paterno, Luke Wood, Mark Endert, Creeper Lagoon
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Creeper Lagoon's 1998 debut I Become Small and Go finds the right balance between Dust Brothers production and lo-fi

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Before Creeper Lagoon scored a minor hit with "Wrecking Ball" on their 2001 major label, radio-friendly alternative rock album Take Back The Universe and Give Me Yesterday, the band released a much more intimate debut. 1998's I Become Small and Go, co-produced in part by John King of The Dust Brothers, finds an even balance between catchy indie-pop, and more produced and layered tracks. Using a host of loops, oddball sounds, and other studio tricks gives tracks like "Wonderful Love" just enough earworm material to balance with the more subdued songs like "Sylvia." Unfortunately, the band can't hold up the momentum, and the album takes a noticeable dive in quality towards the end, but that doesn't erase what is a relistenable record.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Dear Deadly
  • 17:16 - Wonderful Love
  • 20:23 - Sylvia
  • 24:04 - Drink and Drive
  • Outro - Empty Ships

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I Become Small and Go