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409 Aerosmith In The 90s

In The 90s - Roundtable

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In the mid 90s, Aerosmith had fully rebounded from the early 80s exile by saturating radio and MTV, but did Armageddon undo it all?

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Our "In The 90s" series exploring successful 1970s and 80s artists and bands has discovered a common theme - sometimes it was not the rise of grunge and alternative music that through a wrench into their success, sometimes overwhelming success created a watershed moment leaving the band in flux. What was Metallica to do after the Black album? And in this case for our latest episode, what was Aerosmith to do after they fully rebounded from their early 80s descent into drugs with a pair of successful albums to close out the decade (Permanent Vacation and Pump) leading into the ubiquitous 1993 chart topper Get A Grip. Becoming MTV darlings and radio mainstays pushed the band into more pop territory, culminating in the 1998 Diane Warren-penned single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" for the Armageddon soundtrack. We walk through the decade of 90s rock and wonder if the apparent wedge driven between lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry started when the band reached its cultural and chart apex.

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Songs in this episode

  • Aerosmith Medley - Cryin', Crazy, Amazing from Get A Grip
  • 17:09 - Livin' On The Edge from Get A Grip
  • 25:29 - Fever from Get A Grip
  • 33:50 - Pink from Nine Lives
  • 40:47 - Crash from Nine Lives
  • Outro - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing from the Armageddon soundtrack

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In The 90s - Roundtable