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The Big F

424 Is by The Big F


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Ed Stasium, Simon Hanhart
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On their second and final album Is from 1993, The Big F craft a hard rock album in need of a firm direction

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After departing 1980s new wavers Berlin, bassist and vocalist John Crawford and drummer Rob Brill formed the rock power trio The Big F. With the addition of guitarist Mark Christian, the band manage to forge some interesting musical ground on their second and final album Is from 1993. Unfortunately, the band is caught between worlds, showing off more eccentric and ambitious choices (saxophone jazz jam, anyone?) while also firmly planted in the no frills early 90s riffing that at times recalls pre-fame Soundgarden or the heavier streamlined moments of King's X. With a tight rhythm section and talented guitarist, most of the fault falls on Crawford, a steady if unremarkable vocalist that never reaches the euphoric highs or a Chris Cornell or the showy lyricism of Mother Love Bone's Andrew Wood.


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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Patience Peregrine
  • 12:49 - Way Low To Be Be Low
  • 15:42 - Patience Peregrine
  • 19:02 - Idiot Kid Heads Out
  • 29:34 - Mother Mary
  • Outro - Lube

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