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418 Mossy God by Mantissa

Mossy God

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On their 1992 album Mossy God, Aussies Mantissa channel a variety of American hard rock and metal influences into an unconvincing stew

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We're not sure what album Mantissa intended to make with their 1992 debut Mossy God. On the one hand, it's got the guitar riffage that would find allies in heavier/dirtier 1980s hard rock/metal bands like Circus Of Power or Faster Pussycat. On the other hand, with producer Terry Date onboard, there is a tinge of the Seattle sound, like early Alice In Chains or pre-Superunknown Soundgarden. There is even a touch of Red Hot Chili Peppers funk. What does this all add up to? Kind of a mess, but not surprising considering the shifting landscape of early 90s hard rock/metal, where band either stuck to their quickly out-of-date guns or attempted an alternative makeover. Along with a confused albums comes and evening confusing (and exasperating) back story of an Australian band trying to "break" in America.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Sanctify
  • 23:02 - Ruby's Mind
  • 27:44 - Dream Alone
  • 32:41 - Extro
  • 36:52 - Mystery Line
  • Outro - Mary Mary

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Mossy God