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Circus of Power

100 Magic & Madness by Circus of Power

Magic & Madness

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Thom Panunzio
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Magic & Madness, which features a collaboration with Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, is a thick slab of hard rock from Circus of Power

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Episode #100 marks the second of two listener suggestion episodes that ignore the alternative and indie rock explosion of the 1990s in favor of some straight-up rock and roll that draws influences from metal, glam and hard rock of the previous decade. This week, it's Circus of Power and their 1993 album Magic & Madness. A number of bands pinned to the hair/glam rock era of the 1980s tried to transition their sound in the 90s, some successful and some not. COP worked with Jerry Cantrell of Alice and Chains and toured with Gruntruck, making an attempt to move in a more straightforward hard rock direction. Is it magic or madness?

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Heaven & Hell
  • 2:29 - History of the Band
  • 7:05 - Swamp Devil
  • 10:37 - Mama Tequila
  • 17:49 - Black Roses
  • 24:50 - Otta My Head
  • Outro - Shine

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Magic & Madness