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One and Done Bands of the 90s

436 One and Done Bands of the 90s


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One album, that's all! Our roundtable discusses favorite, overlooked, forgotten bands and artists that only managed one album in the 1990s

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Some bands and artists leave you wanting more, with only a single album to their name. In some cases, they are one-off side projects or solo releases that act as an outlet for material not in-line with the primary band. Sometimes, personalities clash and bands quickly implode. In other cases, tragedy strikes down an artist at the start of their career. The 1990s, like every other decade, have their share of unique "one and done" albums from bands and artists for all different reasons. We revisit those lesser known albums worthy of revisiting, talk about those that came with hype but slipped off the radar, as well as those that didn't live up to it, our wish list for sophomore albums that will never come, and our personal favorite one and done albums of the decade.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley
  • 9:53 - Life's A Gas (T. Rex cover) by Replicants
  • 20:30 - Shake My Tree by Coverdale/Page
  • 30:20 - Burning Tree by Burning Tree
  • 41:01 - Pushing Forward Back by Temple Of The Dog
  • Outro - River Of Deceit by Mad Season

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