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581 Nowhere by Ride


Creation Records
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Marc Waterman
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On their 1990 debut Nowhere, Ride owes as much to the 1960s jangle and dream pop of The Who and The Byrds as 1980s noise and indie rock

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Ride's debut album Nowhere sits at the crossroad of 1980s and 90s rock. Shoegaze was still an underground curiosity, and Rider were initially lumped in with Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and Lush. But as much guitar noise and neo-psychedelia as the band dabbles in, there is an equal amount of 1960s jangle pop and Who-like bombast from the explosive rhythm section to help them stand out from the crowd. Sure, the production is stamped in 1980s reverb and chorus, but Ride were able to craft songs as well as noise to maximum effect.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Seagull
  • 17:03 - Kaleidoscope
  • 24:43 - Dreams Burn Down
  • 30:21 - Nowhere
  • 40:09 - Vapour Trail
  • Outro - In A Different Place

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