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462 Split by Lush


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Mike Hedges
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On their album Split, Lush created a pop-friendly mix of shoegaze and dream pop, but are the layers of reverb and delay dated or timeless?

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By 1994, shoegaze was no longer the hip, underground music scene the UK press were enamored with just a few years prior. The Britpop of Blur, Oasis, Elastica, and Pulp had taken over, My Bloody Valentine had collapsed, and blissing out on feedback and layers of guitar was no longer novel. Smartly, the singing/songwriting/guitar-slinging tandem of Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson of Lush evolved, and on 1994's Split, the band toe the line between the underground dream pop and shoegaze sounds that got them started, while mixing in some less noisy and more melodic tunes. It sounds both remarkably stamped to 1994 in its tones and production, but with the resurgence of dream pop and shoegaze in the 2010s, that doesn't mean it out of place.


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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Blackout
  • 14:19 - Hypocrite
  • 18:31 - Never-Never
  • 23:49 - Undertow
  • Outro - Light From A¬†Dead Star

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