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Thankful in 2023

686 Thankful In 2023


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Another year and more new music to celebrate as 2023 as we host our fourth annual Music We're Thankful For roundtable with our patrons

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It's our fourth year of getting the patrons together and giving thanks for the new music that gave us happiness and good vibes in 2023. There's a wide array of bands and artists, new and old, that helped make 2023 a great year for music. New albums from 1980s, 90s and 00s artists like Slowdive, The Hives, Louise Post of Veruca Salt, Depeche Mode, Drop Nineteens, Samiam, Gaz Coombes of Supergrass, Madder Rose, Juliana Hatfield, The Hold Steady, Brad, Ash, OMD, Allen Epley of Shiner and The Life And Times, The Church, PJ Harvey, Blur, DJ Shadow, and many more all released great late career records, while newer bands like Crown Hands, Spotlights, Houston, Vast Robot Armies, and several others landed on our radar. We also spend an inordinate amount of time rambling about the new Andre 3000 album, New Blue Sun.


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Remember when you first discovered this album? We’re grateful to dig into these hidden gems and bring them the attention they deserve. Your support helps us uncover more albums deserve another moment in the spotlight.

Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Scapa Flow by Drop Nineteens
  • 5:30 - Ghosts Again by Depeche Mode
  • 20:43 - In The Moment That You're Born by Brad
  • 35:40 - Graveyard Love by Mutoid Man
  • 57:30 - Ants To You, Gods To Who? - Andre 3000
  • Outro - Countdown to Shutdown - The Hives

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