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679 Blur by Blur


Food, EMI
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Stephen Street
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After helping define the Britpop sound, Blur turned to American indie rock to find inspiration for their challenging 1997 self-titled album

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Having blazed a trail with some of the most successful Britpop albums of the 1990s, Blur was heading for implosion following their tabloid battle with Oasis in 1995 and inter-band turmoil. To reorient themselves, they turned to the country that used to be a target of scorn - America. Specifically, American indie rock like Pavement. You can hear the influence throughout the album as the band takes the noise, the jagged guitar lines, the lo-fi aesthetics, and put their unique spin on it. That unique spin, of course, would end up creating one of the most memorable songs of the 90s, "Song 2," that still gets played in stadiums at sporting events around the world, and is a staple on 90s classic radio. But "Song 2" is just the tip of a very weird, very singular sound that would find the band taking chances that mostly paid off.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Song 2
  • 18:57 - Strange News From Another Star
  • 24:40 - On Your Own
  • 29:56 - Death of a Party
  • 37:56 - I'm Just A¬†Killer For Your Love
  • Outro - Beetlebum

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