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214 Attack of the Grey Lantern by Mansun

Attack of the Grey Lantern

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Paul Draper, Ian Caple, Mark Stent
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Mansun's 1997 debut Attack of the Grey Lantern crosses Britpop influences with older American influences in a wildly interesting combination

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Thanks to a Requested Review, we’re able to continue our Britpop month with Mansun and their debut released from 1997, Attack of the Grey Lantern. We (re)discover the perils of trying to review a record released with different versions for the US and UK on various streaming platforms, and not communicating about it before the review. Still, we managed to form some coherent thoughts about a band that draws as much from their nearby Britpop influences as American bands from decades earlier.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Take It Easy, Chicken
  • 5:07 - History of the Band
  • 10:32 - Stripper Vicar
  • 16:05 - Wide Open Space
  • 22:46 - The Chad Who Loved Me / Millennium (Robbie Williams)
  • Outro - Taxloss

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Attack of the Grey Lantern