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Pale Saints

671 Slow Buildings by Pale Saints

Slow Buildings

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Hugh Jones, Mark Freegard
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On their third and final album, Pale Saints changed their lead singer and found a balance between expansive shoegaze and tight rock songs

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An established band changing lead singers is always a tricky proposition. With the departure of founding member, singer, and bassist Ian Masters following their second album In Ribbons due to a lack of interest in touring, Pale Saints could have called it quits. Instead, guitarist and backing vocalist Meriel Barham stepped into the fire, having briefly filled the same spot in Lush well before the band established themselves. The result draws obvious comparisons to Barham's former band, but Pale Saints have a few more tricks of their sleeves on their third album Slow Buildings. Whether it is long, slow burn tracks like "Henry" or "Suggestion," or three-minute rockers like "Under Your Nose" or "Angel (Will You Be My)," the band gels around the ethereal voice of Barham.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Angel (Will You Be My)
  • 18:59 - Under Your Nose
  • 27:53 - King Fade
  • 33:19 - Little Friend
  • Outro - Henry

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Slow Buildings