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138 Blonder Tongue Audio Baton by Swirlies

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton

Taang! Records
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The Swirlies
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Calling it "the greatest American shoegaze record" puts some high expectations the Swirlies, but also raises a number of questions

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For his latest suggestion, friend-of-the-show Dirty Gert drops some lo-fi shoegaze on us in the form of 1993's Blonder Tongue Audio Baton by Swirlies. Calling it "the greatest American shoegaze record" puts some high expectations on this album, but also raises a number of question, like actually defining "shoegaze."

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - His Love Just Washed Away
  • 2:39 - History of the Band
  • 9:48 - Bell #2
  • 11:49 - Pancake
  • 23:21 - Tree Chopped Down
  • Outro - Wrong Tube

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Blonder Tongue Audio Baton