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484 Less Is More by Even

Less Is More

Rubber Records
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Greg Wales
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On Less Is More, Melbourne trio Even competently integrate 90s alternative and grunge sounds with power pop and British invasion melodies

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Forging a sound out of American grunge and alternative along with British Invasion hooks and power pop melodies may seem like a recipe for disaster, but on their 1996 debut Less Is More, the Melbourne, Australian trio Even find the right balance. Channeling a Kurt Cobain cadence on one track and a John Lennon howl on another works best when the band keeps the songs short and tight, with plenty of catchy guitar riffs toss around. While we dug the high energy performances that pre-date the garage rock revival to come at the end of the decade, some of the production and rhythm choices (or lack of) left us wanting.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Karmic Flop
  • 14:35 - End To End
  • 19:45 - Don't Wait
  • 26:02 - Eternal Teen
  • 31:29 - No One Understands Me
  • Outro - Dean Morris

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Less Is More