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507 Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life by Ricaine

Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life

Rubber Records
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Matt Hills
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Ricaine's 1996 debut Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence of Life is an undiscovered gem of 90s noise rock that balances the light and dark

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Noise rock is a moniker tossed around about a number of 1990s bands. Australia's Ricaine are no different, except that they are different, and their 1996 debut album Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence of Life is proof of it. While there are plenty of bursts of howling guitar feedback, grinding bass, and crushing drums, the band excels at balancing the noise with moments of tension-filled restraint, playing with the quiet/loud dynamic in a myriad of interesting ways. Did we say dynamics? This album is chock full of them, turning on a dime in ways that left us impressed, bolstered by a perfect natural production style that compliments the sonic shifts throughout the record.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - The Failed Actor
  • 18:13 - Three From Three
  • 22:03 - Judith's Fence
  • 28:14 - Meek
  • 34:40 - Contradictory Black Muzzle
  • Outro - Even In Death

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Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life