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Nitzer Ebb

481 Ebbhead by Nitzer Ebb


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Alan Wilder, Flood
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On 1991‘s Ebbhead, Nitzer Ebb incorporated pop elements and traditional song structures that drove a wedge in their EBM fanbase

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Though the mid-to-late nights are more regarded for the commercial rise of electronic music, specifically in the form of UK electronica from the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and others, the mainstream interest in high octane beats and synth-over-guitar was nothing new. As the 80s transitioned to the 90s, bands like Depeche Mode and New Order were firmly established global phenomenons, while up-and-comers like Ministry and Nine Inch Nails were bringing industrial sounds to the mainstream on MTV. Nitzer Ebb began in 1982 and established themselves throughout the decade as an Electronic Body Music (EBM) pillar, but when 90s arrives the band pivoted to a more pop sound, and on 1991's Ebbhead, the band fully embraced pop structure and sound, crafting catchy hooks at trimmed down lengths. But that evolution, while moderately successful in getting the band on mainstream rock radio, didn't necessarily sit well with the fans who discovered the band during their EBM period.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Reasons
  • 12:52 - I Give To You
  • 15:09 - Lakeside Drive
  • 18:57 - Godhead
  • 28:00 - Family Man
  • Outro - Sugar Sweet

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