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God Lives Underwater

408 Empty by God Lives Underwater


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Rick Rubin
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On their 1995 debut Empty, can God Lives Underwater add their own take on industrial rock or are they weighted down by their influences?

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Many musical genres and subgenres previously found in the cultural underground bubbled to the mainstream surface in the 1990s thanks to a major label feeding frenzy and the ever expanding definition of "alternative." Like punk, ska, swing and even grunge, industrial and electronic music had their moments in various ways, and gave rise to interesting iterations that briefly snuck onto MTV and commercial radio. God Lives Underwater is one such example, who wrote traditional structures and melodies wrapped with an electronic and industrial exterior. Thanks to uber-producer Rick Rubin, their 1995 debut Empty has a unique reverb-free sound at odds with many of their peers, providing more intimacy and less expanse without sacrificing quality, even if all the songs themselves cannot match the stellar production.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Still
  • 13:08 - Empty
  • 18:00 - All Wrong
  • 21:10 - No More Love
  • 27:03 - We Were Wrong
  • Outro - Weaken

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