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393 Prick by Prick


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Warne Livesey, Trent Reznor
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The self-titled 1995 album by Prick manages to capture the urgency of industrial at its harshest without abandoning melody and song craft

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When an established name like Trent Reznor shows up in the credits of a 90s industrial album, the natural starting point is to compare it Nine Inch Nails. But what about when the artist is not a contemporary or disciple, but a predecessor? That's the case with Kevin McMahon, veteran of new wave group Lucky Pierre going back to the 70s, and where the Reznor connection occurs in the late 80s. Thanks to having over a decade worth of experience, on the 1995 eponymous debut by Prick, Reznor acts as less an overwhelming force upon McMahon and his band and more of a slightly different flavor. It's not hard to pick out which tracks Reznor had a hand in, but compared to the majority of the album, they pair nicely with the overall experience rather than stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. While so many industrial acts can either get weighted down by lyrical dreariness, musical repetition or underwhelming vocal performances, McMahon uses his new wave background wisely, crafting melodic hooks and not losing the rock aspect of industrial rock thanks to some well-produced guitar riffing.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Animal
  • 9:36 - Tough
  • 12:19 - Crack
  • 14:44 - Other People
  • 18:12 - No Fair Fights
  • 25:42 - I Apologize
  • Outro - I Got It Bad

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