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012 Fantastic Planet by Failure

Fantastic Planet

Slash, Warner Bros. Records
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On episode twelve of the Dig Me Out Podcast, Tim and Jason review the 1996 album Fantastic Planet by Failure.

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On episode twelve of the Dig Me Out Podcast, Tim and Jason review the 1996 album Fantastic Planet by Failure.


kellii scott • 3 years ago great discussion

Pete • 4 years agoNow that Failure is back together and touring, I thought I would give this episode a listen. A very nice discussion, but you guys completely skipped over Greg Edwards! He was as important to the band as Ken Andrews was. He's currently in the band Autolux.

Fantastic Planet is my #1 album of all time. Can't wait to see them.

Natalie • 4 years ago Oh and they DID put this album well off live. Just type Youtube 'Failure live' and click on the video that is on top of the result list. Awesome performance right there and with pretty decent sound quality.

Natalie • 4 years ago 17 songs is perfect, it isn't too long imo... It's good the way it is.

Cjb • 5 years ago Saw them with Tool at Lollapalooza '97 in WA. Got to the show a bit late and caught their last song on the main stage. I was so bummed. But then they said they would be playing another set on the second stage afterwards. Saw the whole second set. They actually pulled off the "wall of sound" guitar sound really well.

ezzo • 5 years ago One of the best albums of all time in my humble opinion.

Mike Bankhead • 9 months ago Found this podcast late compared to everyone else, but wanted to comment about the conversation on Ken's chord choices. I am pretty sure that the dissonant things you are hearing are suspended chords... Ken said in an interview I watched specifically about "Stuck On You" that he played sus2 chords in that song, using the octave of the 2nd.

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