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Kellii Scott of Failure

211 Kellii Scott of Failure Interview

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Kellii Scott of the reunited Failure talks drumming influences, joining Failure, gigging with Blinker the Star and Veruca Salt, and more

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Joining us this week is Kellii Scott of the recently reunited Failure, who will release their first new (and fourth overall) album this Spring (most likely May). Kellii takes us through his drumming history, starting out listening to AC/DC and Rush records while staring at KISS Alive artwork, through his move to Los Angeles and starting out with Liquid Jesus before joining Failure. He shares the story of how he joined Failure (and almost blew it), through the making of Fantastic Planet to the demise of the band, as well as his post Failure gigs playing with Blinker the Star and Veruca Salt, as well as a drumming for Linda Perry, up to the writing and recording of the as-yet-untitled album (we tried to get it out of him!) in progress. How are Failure songs written? Is Fantastic Planet a concept album? What was the catalyst for the band reuniting? Can a band with “mystique” survive in the social media world? We answer all these questions and many more.

Note: the sound quality is a little bumpy for the first six or so minutes thanks to a choppy phone connection, but clears up after that.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - The Focus by Failure
  • 9:52 - The Colourful Ones by Liquid Jesus
  • 25:46 - Let It Drip (Demo) by Failure
  • 37:03 - Heliotropic by Failure
  • 56:49 - Enjoy The Silent (Depeche Mode cover) by Failure
  • 1:09:44 - Lift Me Up by Christina Aguilera
  • 1:15:17 - So Weird by Veruca Salt
  • Outro - Come Crashing by Failure

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