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Finger Eleven

715 Tip by Finger Eleven


Mercury / Wind-Up
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Arnold Lanni
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The 1998 album Tip by Finger Eleven showcases the beginnings of their big riff, post-grunge sound that would rise to prominence in the 2000s

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Starting as the inexplicable Rainbow Butt Monkeys in the early 90s, the band wisely changed their name after the 1995 debut release and reconfigured their sound on 1998's Tip as Finger Eleven. With the capable Arnold Lanni behind the board, the band combined contemporary elements of Our Lady Peace, Helmet, Quicksand, and more in their post-grunge approach. A pair of big, thick guitar sounds with a rock steady rhythm section give singer Scott Anderson a strong base to work with, like on the riff-heavy "Condenser" and "Glimpse." But the band has multiple gears, like the subdued "Awake and Dreaming" and Tool-lite closer, "Swallowtail." If there is anything working against the band, it's the restraint they adhere to, keeping second guitar leads to a minimum and occasionally drifting vocally into Raine Maida territory.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Condenser
  • 26:46 - Alone
  • 35:33 - Quicksand
  • 40:25 - Swallowtail
  • Outro - Glimpse

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