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Kevin Martin of Candlebox

266 Kevin Martin of Candlebox Interview

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Kevin Martin walks us through the past, present and future of Candlebox, his career in music, Pledgemusic, Madonna, Seattle and much more

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Joining us is Kevin Martin to walk us through the past, present and future of Candlebox and his career in music. Kevin fills us in on his earliest musical influences - his Mom and Dad, the Texas punks, and the mid/late 80s Seattle scene. From there, Kevin walks us through the wild ride that landed Candlebox on Madonna‚Äôs Maverick record label and put the band on the road for well over the year. We explore trials and tribulations surrounding the release of the bands second album Lucy and third album Happy Pills before going on hiatus. From there, we talk reforming Candlebox, releasing new albums in the ‚Äė00s, politics in music, songwriting (for himself and others), working with Ken Andrews, the new album on Pledgemusic and much much more.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Candlebox medley (You, Simple Lessons, Far Behind, Best Friend, Change)
  • 18:25 - You from Candlebox
  • 45:18 - Butterfly from Lucy
  • 1:02:44 - Best Friend from Lucy
  • 1:12:44 - It‚Äôs Alright from Happy Pills
  • 1:31:35 - Stand from Into The Sun
  • 1:43:54 - Simple Lessons from Lucy
  • 1:50:48 - Sweet Summertime from Love Stories and Other Musings
  • Outro - 10000 Horses from Happy Pills

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Artist Interview