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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

612 Burn To Shine by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Burn To Shine

Virgin Records
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Jean-Pierre Plunier
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On his fourth album Burn To Shine, Ben Harper swings the pendulum between darkly brooding 70s-inflected blues rock and radio-friendly pop

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Known for his talents on various stringed instruments, Ben Harper solidified his backing band as The Innocent Criminals on his fourth record, 1999's Burn To Shine. With that band arrangement, Harper delves into a variety of sounds, channeling the blues and folk that made up his early solo releases, but continuing the louder sounds from his previous outing, The Will To Live. Through the twists and turns, from 70s influenced blues rock to minor-key Zeppelin riffing, Harper and his band play with volume and dynamics throughout to create a unique sonic pallet that works until it doesn't.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Burn To Shine
  • 15:53 - Steal My Kisses
  • 27:00 - In The Lord's Arms
  • 38:04 - Two Hands of a Prayer
  • 56:33 - Beloved One
  • Outro - Forgiven

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Burn To Shine