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In a rural Northeast Ohio high school in May of 1988, Patrick Testa with the help of a few friends, cobbled together old household stereo equipment and cheap neglected used records from local flea markets which he would wash in his mom’s kitchen sink to make playable, in order to secure a half a dozen $20-30 Summertime DJ gigs at local dances and parties. Over the next 20 years he would DJ in every capacity from private and public events, clubs, and raves to broadcast, including a daily eclectic music show on 90.5 FM WCBE in Columbus, OH from 1995-2001.  He has remained in public broadcasting ever since, currently working at WOSU Public Media in Columbus, OH.

An eternal seeker of variety and spice to life, Patrick has trained to be a professional printmaker which led to skills in graphic design, a cook which led to skills in brewing beer, a lifelong baseball player which led to skills in recovering from injury, and a committed boyfriend which led to skills in a happy marriage and fatherhood.

In 2016, Patrick and three of his cousins combined their brewing skills and applied them to a new concept, establishing Three Bines Hopped Spirits Company in Akron, OH, which as of April 2018 has release two styles of hopped bourbon on the market in 12 states and expanding.  You can follow Patrick’s new business on social media @threebines or at www.threebines.com.

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