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Dinosaur Jr. in the 80s

607 Dinosaur Jr. in the 80s

80s Origins - Roundtable

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Evolving out of their teenage hardcore roots, Dinosaur Jr. forged a noisy path that reinvigorated guitar leads with indie-rock flair

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In the 1990s Dinosaur Jr. was primarily the J Mascis show, with both Lou Barlow and Murph out of the band. Their 2000s reformation has resulted in a steady release of some of the band's best material, but the origins trace back to the early 80s and the high school hardcore band Deep Wound where J and Lou began. Then known only as Dinosaur, the band toned down the hardcore elements for more jangle, and with J growing into a guitar shredder somewhere between Sonic Youth and Neil Young. On each of their three releases, the band grows as songwriters and players, and production considerably improves as the studios and budgets slowly increase. We dive into the early years to hear the earliest inklings of what the band would later become on albums like Green Mind and Without A Sound.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - The Leper from Dinosaur
  • 17:49 - Repulsion from Dinosaur
  • 28:21 - In a Jar from You're Living All Over Me
  • 34:03 - The Lung from You're Living All Over Me
  • 41:06 - No Bones from Bug
  • Outro - Freak Scene from Bug

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80s Origins - Roundtable