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The Lemonheads

704 It's A Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads

It's A Shame About Ray

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The Robb Brothers
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The Lemonheads find the perfect combination of melodic and musical sweet 'n sour on the 1992 album It's A Shame About Ray

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Released during the decline of 80s hair metal and rise of 90s Seattle grunge and alternative, the 1992 album It's A Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads is rarely mentioned as being in the pantheon of 90s album, but maybe it should. Sporting tight and smart songwriting arrangements with track after track of catchy hooks, lead singer and guitarist Evan Dando, bassist and backup singer Juliana Hatfield, and drummer David Ryan make the most of their sub-thirty minute album, packing short songs with simple but well-thought-out changes and dynamics on par with contemporaries like Sugar, Buffalo Tom, and Dinosaur Jr.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - It's A¬†Shame About Ray
  • 21:39 - Hannah &¬†Gabi
  • 27:41 - My Drug Buddy
  • 33:05 - Alison's Starting to Happen
  • 40:30 - Bit Part
  • Outro - Confetti

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It's A Shame About Ray