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673 Three Sheets to the Wind by Idaho

Three Sheets to the Wind

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Martin Brumbach
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Idaho's 1996 album Three Sheets To The Wind isn't afraid to upend the slowcore sound with jazz flourishes and an occasional uptempo rocker

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The slowcore sound can be simplified down to tempo and a minimalist approach, but like every genre or subgenre of rock music, there are always those pushing the boundaries and reinventing. On the 1996 album Three Sheets To The Wind by Idaho, the boundary pushing comes as a pair of straight-up rock songs that wouldn't sound out place on a Dinosaur Jr. or Heatmiser album. From there, the band adds jazzy and soulful elements - brushed drums here, an electric piano there - paired with Jeff Martin's evocative vocal that falls somewhere between the folky sadcore of American Music Club's Mark Eitzel and the more experimental post-rock of Low's Alan Sparhawk.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - If You Dare
  • 18:18 - A¬†Sound Awake
  • 23:03 - Shame
  • 30:08 - Alive Again
  • 34:00 - Pomegranate Bleeding
  • Outro - Catapult

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Three Sheets to the Wind