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Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne

334 Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne

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Jody started out with The Belltower, a dreamy/shoegaze band, but later joined Fountains of Wayne after their debut was recorded.

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This week we chatted with Jody Porter, who just released his third solo album this past March, Pacifier. Jody started out in the early with The Belltower, a dreamy/shoegaze band featuring Britta Phillips (later of Luna) that garnered positive press in the UK but ultimately dissolved. However, a late addition to the band named Adam Schlesinger would later form Fountains of Wayne, who Jody would join after their debut was recorded. Spending the rest of the run with the band until they ended in 2013, Jody released his first solo album Close to the Sun in 2008, followed by Month of Mondays in 2013 via Kickstarter. We talk about all that, his vast guitar collection, his earliest musical recollection learning instruments and playing bands all the way up to recording demos on Garageband for the latest release.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Valerie Sometimes by Jody Porter (from Pacifier)
  • 7:22 - Lost In Hollow by The Belltower (from In Hollow EP)
  • 38:31 - In The Beginning by Jody Porter (from Pacifier)
  • 48:51 - The Last Chapter by Jody Porter (from Pacifier)
  • Outro - Supercollider by Fountains of Wayne (from Welcome Interstate Managers)

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