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639 Wünderband by Wünderband


Scenester Recordings
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On their self-released and self-titled one and only album from 1997, Wünderband craft concise power pop that deserves to be on your radar

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We've revisited plenty of albums released on major and independent labels from the 90s, but digging into self-released albums isn't something we've explored much - until now! Take New York City's Wünderband, who self-released their self-titled album in 1997. On the opening track, the band make their sound clear - punchy, catchy power-pop with some twists and turns. From the opening Aimee Mann call-out track "Yes Yes Hey Hey" to the Jellyfish inflected "I Don't Mind," the band sounds right at home alongside fellow 90s three-and-a-half-minute power pop magicians like Fountains of Wayne, Sloan, or The Figgs.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Pinup
  • 13:18 - Yes Yes Hey Hey
  • 21:30 - Mayqueen
  • 25:26 - I Don't Mind
  • 35:46 - Circle and Fall
  • Outro - Another Guy

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