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583 Deathray by Deathray


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Eric Valentine, Deathray
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The self-titled debut by Deathray is a tightly constructed power-pop record full of studio gadgetry and sugary melodies missing some grit

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After the platinum, multi-hit single success of Cake's sophomore album Fashion Nugget, members Greg Brown (guitar and keyboard) and Victor Damiani (bass) left to form Deathray. It would take three years for their self-titled debut to be released, and while catchy pop-power and new-wave revivalists had brief moments in the spotlight during the 90s (Weezer, Matthew Sweet, The Posies, The Rentals, Imperial Teen), by 2000 their brand of dry, quick, and quirky pop had been kicked off the radio and MTV. As a result, Deathray probably isn't as well known to power-pop and general 90s rock audiences as it should be, with a quick thirty-five minutes and thirteen songs of catchy earworms that deserve a discovery.


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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - My Lunatic Friend
  • 13:07 - Scott
  • 16:26 - Baby Polygon
  • 22:41 - Zero
  • 34:08 - This Time
  • Outro - Only Lies

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