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The Gits

646 Frenching the Bully by The Gits

Frenching the Bully

C/Z Records
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Scott Benson, Steve Fisk
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Though the tragic story of Mia Zapata dominates their story, The Gits 1992 album Frenching The Bully is worthy of its own discussion

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Blessed with fire and passion on display through her voice and lyrics, the murder of Mia Zapata robbed the world of her potential. With The Gits, she and guitarist Joe Spleen, bass player Matt Dresdner, and drummer Steve Moriarty made grunge mixed with hardcore punk on their 1992 album Frenching The Bully. With only four years together, the debut record displays potential in the same way Bleach gives hints of what Nirvana was to become on the released but unfinished follow-up album Enter: The Conquering Chicken.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Another Shot of Whiskey
  • 17:18 - Spear and Magic Helmet
  • 23:08 - It All Dies Anyway
  • 27:39 - Insecurities
  • Outro - Absynthe

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Frenching the Bully