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Bad Religion

676 Stranger Than Fiction by Bad Religion

Stranger Than Fiction

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Andy Wallace
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Moving to a major label for their eighth album, Stranger Than Fiction, Bad Religion kept the lyrical fire but upped the production quality

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"Sell-out" was a phrase tossed around in the 1990s whenever an indie or small-label band jumped to a major record label. Among the most surprising were Bad Religion because their guitarist Brett Gurewitz owned the label they had released their first seven albums on Epitaph Records. While sell-outs were accused of trading integrity for money, Bad Religion's eighth album "Stranger Than Fiction" makes the case that not only was the jump a good move, but helped kick-start the pop-punk takeover of 1994 along with Green Day and The Offspring, who released million-selling albums the same year in "Dookie" and "Smash," respectively. Thanks to a re-recording of "21st Century (Digital Boy)," a song the band was unhappy with the previous studio version, they had a proper radio and MTV single to expose the suburban masses around the United States to a headier lyrical approach backed by sugar-sweet harmonies.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Incomplete
  • 25:23 - 21st Century (Digital Boy)
  • 30:46 - Stranger Than Fiction
  • 38:39 - Infected
  • Outro - The Handshake

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Stranger Than Fiction