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New Bomb Turks

204 Scared Straight by New Bomb Turks

Scared Straight

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The New Bomb Turks
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While Green Day, The Offspring and Rancid took punk to the mainstream in the 90s, the New Bomb Turks forged a louder, more aggressive path

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This week we take on Columbus, Ohio punk rock legends the New Bomb Turks. While Green Day, The Offspring and Rancid were taking punk rock to the mainstream, bands like the Turks forged a louder, more aggressive path along side Rocket From The Crypt, influencing the sounds of The Hives and Hellacopters with their Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones riffage on overdrive. Their 1996 album Scared Straight finds the band in new territory, going beyond the vocal, guitar, bass and drum set-up. Does it work? Tune in to find out.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Hammerless Nail
  • 4:24 - History of the Band
  • 9:15 - Hammerless Nail
  • 14:31 - Professional Againster
  • 15:49 - Wrest Your Hands
  • 23:16 - Bachelor‚Äôs High
  • Outro - Jukebox Lean

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Scared Straight