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439 Spiderland by Slint


Touch And Go
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Brian Paulson
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We revisit the landmark 1991 Slint album Spiderland and ask - can an influential album be outshined by its influences?

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The 1991 album Spiderland by Slint has taken on icon status since release, the bridge between Sonic Youth noise, Velvet Underground drone, Joy Division dread and the 1990s wave of post, math, indie and other alternative rock sub-genres. Like so many revered albums discovered via slow burn over years thanks to the accolades of musicians and rock journalists, the influence of Spiderland can be heard in bits and pieces in dozens of bands, yet tracing them back to the source leads us to a perplexing conclusion - what happens when an album of modest creation becomes mythic when listening with fresh years decades after the release?

Does This album bring back some great vibes?

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Breadcrumb Trail
  • 8:49 - Good Morning Captain
  • 25:06 - Nosferatu Man
  • 35:33 - Washer
  • Outro - For Dinner...

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