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598 On Second Thought by Sandpit

On Second Thought

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Greg Wales
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Sandpit's lone album from 1998 finds the right balance between downbeat slowcore and noisier Sonic Youth tendencies

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Melbourne, Australia's Sandpit only managed one full-length, 1998's On Second Thought, along with a few earlier EPs before disappearing. Mellow and sparse one minute, abrasive and noisy the next, the band finds a sweet spot between the two thanks to inventive vocal melodies that play with phrasing and cadence to keep the listener's ears engaged. Like American counterparts in Slint, Seam, or Polvo, there are slowcore and post-hardcore benchmarks the band hits with ease, while still creating interesting guitar lines between the crawling drum and snare hits.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Hold Yr Horses
  • 11:23 - Walking in a Straight Line
  • 19:04 - Metamorphosis
  • 21:52 - I¬†Positively Hate You Now
  • 24:16 - Along The Moors
  • Outro - Helicopters

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On Second Thought