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Albums of 1996

262 Albums of 1996 Roundtable

Albums Of The Year - Roundtable

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We revisit the albums of 1996 - the best, the overlooked, the biggest letdowns and those that have faded away

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It’s our first roundtable discussion of 2016, and we’re tackling the albums from 20-years prior, with special guests Matt Wardlaw (Ultimate Classic RockLost Together podcast), Chip Midnight (KidsInterviewBands.com) and Jeff Takacs (Rocketfuel podcastPunktastic) to help us cover the best, the overlooked, the letdowns and faded-aways of ‘96.

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Remember when you first discovered this album? We’re grateful to dig into these hidden gems and bring them the attention they deserve. Your support helps us uncover more albums deserve another moment in the spotlight.

Songs in this episode

  • Intro - 1996 Medley (Soundgarden, Soul Coughing, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, Nada Surf)
  • 3:36 - Overall Thoughts on Music in 1996
  • 10:08 - Albums That Made An Immediate Impact
  • 29:39 - Anticipated Albums That Were Letdowns
  • 40:57 - Discussion on R.E.M.’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi
  • 46:47 - Albums from 1996 Discovered Later in Life
  • 56:13 - Albums That Have Not Stood The Test of Time
  • 1:04:01 - Choose One Albums to Represent 1996
  • Outro - If I Could Talk I’d Tell You by The Lemonheads

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Albums Of The Year - Roundtable