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Nada Surf

381 The Proximity Effect by Nada Surf

The Proximity Effect

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Fred Maher
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On their sophomore album The Proximity Effect, Nada Surf attempted to shed their one-hit wonder tag with mixed results

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Nada Surf scored a quirky one-hit wonder with "Popular," and as with most one-hit wonders, pressure from the record label to follow it up caused a divide. In this case, Nada Surf were dropped, record in hand, which they were able to release on their own label. While The Proximity Effect received some positive press upon release in 1998 (in the UK, 2000 in the US), it went mostly unnoticed. It wasn't until Let Go in 2002 that the band fully arrived, garnering rave reviews, following that up with Chris Walla-produced The Weight Is A Gift in 2005. Upon reflection, The Proximity Effect comes across as a transition album, with the band sound clearing, fuller and more confident, while not quite hitting the highs they would reach on their next two releases.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Hyperspace
  • 14:34 - Firecracker
  • 21:23 - Dispossession
  • 28:18 - Spooky
  • 36:29 - Amateur
  • Outro - Robot

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The Proximity Effect