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Flu Thirteen

677 In The Foul Key Of V by Flu Thirteen

In The Foul Key Of V

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J. Robbins
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Angular, dissonant guitars dominate Flu Thirteen's 1998 sophomore album in the post-hardcore territory of At The Drive-in, Cursive, and more

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Before changing their name to Diffuser and scoring a couple of hits in the early 00s, the long island quartet Flu Thirteen banged out jagged post-hardcore riffs and rhythms on par with bands of the time. Getting producer J. Robbins, whose work in the 90s on albums by Braid, Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring, and many more helped define the late 90s indie rock sound, was a perfect match to help refine and define the band's sound. On their 1998 album In The Foul Key of V, the band unleashes a steady stream of dynamic arrangements, shifting between blazing dissonance and subdued restraint that occasionally recalls the valleys of Sunny Day Real Estate.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Romeo-Core
  • 12:30 - Stale
  • 17:41 - The Ghost of the Organ Player at the Hockey Coliseum
  • 20:45 - Accessing the Know-How
  • 26:10 -Jerome Does a¬†Dance in Hi-Fidelity
  • Outro - My Beijing Hot Rod

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In The Foul Key Of V