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Sunny Day Real Estate

478 LP2 by Sunny Day Real Estate


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Brad Wood
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Can a band still make a masterpiece even as they're falling apart? We revisit the 1995 sophomore self-titled album by Sunny Day Real Estate

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Sunny Day Real Estate has famously been a band of influence but impermanence, with multiple break-ups and rumors of an unfinished album in the can for over a decade. On their second release, the 1995 self-titled or Pink Album or LP2, vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Jeremy Enigk left unfinished vocals as placeholders as the band splintered. What it creates is something unique, while words or phrases pop in occasion, the majority of the record utilizes the vocals as an instrument in a way that a band like My Bloody Valentine features vocalist Bilinda Butcher. But what makes SDREspecial is the contributions from all four members - who each get their moment to shine in a way that recalls 1970s progressive rock without overly-long world-building and self-indulgence.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Red Elephant
  • 16:38 - Rodeo Jones
  • 22:45 - 5/4
  • 30:36 - 8
  • Outro - J'Nuh

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