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587 Double Allergic by Powderfinger

Double Allergic

Polydor Records
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Tim Whitten, Powderfinger
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Powderfinger's 1996 album Double Allergic wove alternative rock tropes into a stellar sophomore effort brimming with confidence and skill

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After their 1994 debut album not only failed to make a commercial dent for Polydor Records, but was also panned by critics and even the band themselves, Powderfinger returned to the studio with veteran Australian producer Tim Whitten (Hoodoo Gurus, The Go-Betweens, Clouds, etc.) for the sophomore album Double Allergic. The pairing paid off as the group put the studio to good use while maintaining a tight band feel that shifts between American alternative and more adventures diversions. The twin guitar work of Ian Haug and Darren Middleton carves out a wide range of sounds and textures that remain tasteful while dropping enough ear candy to make repeated listens pay off, while vocalist Bernard Fanning finds simple yet effective melodies to craft a number of radio-friendly tunes, all with the backing of a tight and versatile rhythm section.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Pick You Up
  • 16:25 - Boing Boing
  • 23:08 - Oipic
  • 32:05 - Skinny Jean
  • 40:09 - Come Away (Hidden Track)
  • Outro - Living Type

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Double Allergic