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605 And You Think You Know What Life's About by Dishwalla

And You Think You Know What Life's About

A&M Records
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Marc Waterman
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On their sophomore album Dishwalla tried to break the 90s one-hit-wonder with a bigger studio sound and touches of industrial and Britpop

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One-hit wonders are not unique to the 1990s, and revisiting sophomore alternative rock albums is always a hit-or-miss experience. Double down on what made the band or artist successful, evolve the sound into something unexpected, or somewhere in between? After scoring a hit with "Counting Blue Cars" on their 1995 debut album Pet Your Friends, Dishwalla returned in 1998 with And You Think You Know What Life's About. From opening track, the band play with sounds and melodies that stretch from the industrial rock of Stabbing Westward to the big choruses of Oasis to the experimental quirk of Radiohead. The album is unafraid to go BIG, with soaring guitar lines and vocals, but does it add it up more than just a collection of disparate influences?

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Healing Star
  • 11:56 - Stay Awake
  • 18:03 - Until I¬†Wake Up
  • 23:06 - Pop Guru
  • Outro - Bottom Of The Floor

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And You Think You Know What Life's About