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Local H

399 Pack Up The Cats by Local H

Pack Up The Cats

Island Records
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Roy Thomas Baker
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Local H managed a rare twofer on their 1998 concept album Pack Up The Cats - songs that shine within and outside the context of the concept

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Concept albums are as old as albums themselves, though defining what exactly qualifies as a concept album is flexible. The 90s were no different, as many bands and artists took loose ideas and strung together narratives and themes to form a cohesive idea. Of all the bands you were probably expecting to do so back in day, Local H was probably not high on that list, but songwriter/guitarist/singer Scott Lucas has dipped into the concept album well often during the past several decades, first with their 1996 break-through As Good As Dead, and then the 1998 follow-up Pack Up The Cats. Lucas and drummer Joe Daniels weave a tale not unfamiliar to rock fans - the rise and fall of a musician, but with the decade specific twists and turns that make it a uniquely 90s affair, both lyrically and sonically, and craft a concept album worthy of the decades medium of choice: the compact disc.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - All The Kids Are Right
  • 32:13 - All-Right (Oh Yeah)
  • 34:49 - Cool Magnet
  • 36:58 - Laminate Man
  • 40:47 - Deep Cut
  • 43.46 - Lucky Time
  • 50:16 - Hit The Skids
  • Outro - What Can I Tell You

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Pack Up The Cats