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425 Oceanborn by Nightwish


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Tuomas Holopainen, Tero Kinnunen
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On the 1998 album Oceanborn, Nightwish create a bombastic, classical influenced sound as we dive into the world of symphonic metal

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We've tackled metal in its various forms and sub-genres, but this week for the first time we're checking out the symphonic metal of Finnish band Nightwish via their 1998 album Oceanborn. Combining operatic vocals with shredding guitars, double kick-drum beats and classical-influenced strings, keyboards and pianos, we're left mouths agape at the musicianship and ambition of this band and album. While a few choices left us scratching our heads (odd synth choices, overly dramatic male vocals), for most of the run time we were on board with Oceanborn.

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Songs in this episode

  • Intro - Gethsemane
  • 14:47 - Stargazers
  • 21:20 - Swanheart
  • 24:37 - The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean
  • 28:21 - Sacrament Of Wilderness
  • Outro - The Pharaoh Sails To Orion

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